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    Emiway - Round One Lyrics Song 2020 [ Lyricstous ]

    Round One Lyrics

    This is the new song By Emiway bantai. I am showing the full Round one lyrics in my article. So read the full article to know about this.

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    Artist & Lyrics - Emiway Bantai Music - Pendo46 Mix/Master - Emiway Visuals by - Happy Edited by - Emiway and Happy Visual effects - Vbreak Production - Bantai studio Producer- Emiway Bantai [ Round One Lyrics Song 2020 ]

    [ Round One Lyrics Song 2020 ]

    I kill ma enemy one round Fighting everybody one mouth Motherfuckers trynna put me down Get ready for shutdown (x4) Do uh Know my Background Youtube is my platform Makin f**kin money out of it Yes i can stand strong Even audio platforms Let’s Put the facts on Haters won’t be satisfied coz They can’t last long game strong I just make songs With no brakes on Have some patience all my haters Yes it do Takes long Motto Keep grinding everyday Real name Shaikh Mohd Billal Stage name Emiway (Hook) Soo many kids are trynna hate me Nobody can dominate me New acheivement eveday Everybody congratulate me Had to wake me I wanna make me M livin billionair Not checking the price tag Yes m gettin it Evethng that i wanted evethng mammy wanted evethng dadda wanted This is the life i wanted I Got it all my fella She wanna meet me should be open minded go tell her Life is fantastic Say

    [ Round One Lyrics Song 2020 ]

    Alhumdullilah My friends are my soldier Makin music eveday Evedbody loves emiway Flow is gonna be complicate Haters are doin Copy paste Dheere dheere se hora tez gora face nai hai mera fir bhi Bandhiya pagal hai Favourite khana dal chawal hai Jisko nai pata beta ye usi ka Power hai independent k tower hai Yaha paiso ka shower hai Beat baja lala freestyle one hour hai What are uh waitin for Spittin Hard Is my habit I look cute with bunny teeth Girls are callin me rabbit Damn it i never plan it I think m from diffrent Planet Dnt trynna fuck with me Cz uh already know m a savage 9mm sound seedha bheje mei dediya Insaan ke bhes mei seher mei ghume Bhediya Studio mei chillax aur raat bhar gediya Rengte keede ko khane aayela ye chidiya (Hook)2 Smokin cannabis M trynna manifest M tryng ma best To improve myself M trynna get out my nest Time for rest never m workin so clever I love rapping much I can just never say never Never never Dnt trynna beat my fuckin level I never drop my treble So many people Are subcriber Love them Forever I got the god in me sometimes m turning into devil But m stopping myself Still gonna take revenge from all Razor blade wala flow Seedha blaze kar na bro Bantai gana release kia Speaker tez karna bro Waise case karna toh Bohot asan hai Maaf kia sabko music mei Lagara jaan mei tu Dekhte reh Chal aankh sekhte reh Tu fekhte reh haha Emiway Bantai Malum hai na

    [ Round One Lyrics Song 2020 ]

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